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Science/Technical/Medical Publishing Solutions

Formax delivers a full-range of STM Publishing services that equal the larger and more expensive vendors. However, publishers choose Formax when they need a pre-press strategy that is perfectly tailored to fit each and every client; a solution that delivers maximum quality at some of the most competitive rates in the world.

We bring over 15 years' experience and a vast resume of satisfied clients and successful projects. Our capability services the entire publishing spectrum, but our expertise and technology is focused primarily with our STM publishing partners.

Pre-press technology is rapidly changing the face of the industry. For this reason, publishers use Formax to ensure they are getting the very latest in tools and technology. Formax also offers an unmatched multi-lingual service offering for their copy editing and review needs.

We look forward to hearing the challenges you face and the goals you are pursuing. We are confident our competent staff members will craft a solution tailored to make your publishing efforts a huge success.

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